MESGA Representatives meet the MCA

On November 30th, Nikhil Patil, CEO of GO, and Harald Roesch, CEO of Melita held a meeting with the Malta Communications Authority (MCA) officials to discuss MESGA, and the role of ESG within the Maltese Telecommunications sector.   The MCA was represented by CEO, Jesmond Bugeja, Patrick Vella, Nicholas Vella and Antoine Sciberras.

The wide-ranging discussion covered topics such as the role of digitisation and IoT in decarbonisation, the need to invest in energy-efficient communication infrastructure  and the importance of switching to clean energy.  It was acknowledged that the Telecommunications sector is a one where ESG is recognised as being critical, and where operators are leading transformation.

The forthcoming EU Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) was also discussed, along with actions GO and Melita are currently undertaking to meet their CSRD reporting requirements.   It was recognised that different levels of ESG reporting are required, so that all stakeholders have access to the information they need, be it in the detail requested by the CSRD, or in a more digestible format for interested customers.

Various ideas to share best practices were discussed, with this knowledge-sharing having the potential to be a catalyst for change across industrial and economic sectors.

The meeting was also attended by Perit David Xuereb, Chris Meilak, from EY along with the MESGA delegates from GO, Ingrid Azzopardi, and Melita, Amanda Holmes.

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