Discussing SDGs with the Consultative Council of Future Generations

meeting of the MESGA Consultative Council of Future Generations,

On Monday 4th September 2023 the second meeting of the MESGA Consultative Council of Future Generations, a delegation comprised of around twenty students representing government, church and independent schools was held. This initiative is aimed at providing a space for students and business leaders to come together, discuss pressing topics in the ESG realm with the objective of supporting the sustainable development of the Maltese economy and keeping the business leaders uncomfortably accountable in their ambitions on ESG matters in their business decisions and that of the country. Since its launch, discussions around culture and identity, mental health, sustainable development and renewable energy have been held. During the second meeting all the students present had the opportunity to share their knowledge and research around a particular SDG. This second meeting was held once again at the Parliament Building in Valletta.

The Malta ESG Alliance (MESGA), is an initiative bringing together driven and like-minded organisations to collaborate, learn and advocate for change. The objectives of MESGA are to share a common vision for societal change and a competitive Malta; bring benefits to the community; commit to credible, tangible and quantifiable initiatives; tap ESG market opportunities for businesses and the Maltese Islands; regular measuring and reporting progress on initiatives; and motivate businesses sharing the same values to follow and join.