About Malta ESG Alliance

Transforming commitments and ambitions into tangible action which will ultimately make a difference to Malta’s and society’s wellbeing.

The Malta ESG Alliance (MESGA) has been set up on July 20th 2022 by 13 founding members, committed and responsible companies deriving from various economic sectors. The Alliance has the aim of acting as a platform for Maltese businesses to collaborate and work together in order to lead and drive national ESG goals and ultimately act as catalysts while leading by example.

MESGA plans to do this both by adapting the way its members do business and operate, as well as through working closely with policy makers to improve the local regulatory landscape and motivate the flow of finance in this direction. MESGA aims to keep on attracting good-willed and committed small, medium and large companies to join forces and contribute to resilient, responsible business that supports a thriving community.